Have a b.

Event Details

Unleash your ‘b. side’ at B.bahn’s debut at Elfer Club on June 10! Ditch the ordinary and dive into the extraordinary. Revel in the peripheral and subversive; let your ‘b. side’ shine.

This isn’t about being trendy; it’s about celebrating the lesser-known. Tap into your raw, untapped energy that craves novelty. ‘have a b.’ and appreciate uniqueness, creativity, diversity.

Two artists will share the decks.  First, with Andrale, who’s lit up the scene at Frankfurt’s hot spots. Prepare to be entranced by her hypnotic mix of progressive and melodic techno beats that’ll keep you moving till dawn. But that’s not all; an über-cool, surprise artist from our hometown is on standby to take the excitement up a notch!🎶The name remains under wraps for now – but rest assured, this big reveal is going to be mind-blowing!

At this event, style is your creativity’s playground. No strict dress code, just a nudge to redefine the ordinary and embrace the exceptional. Be curious, open, and ‘bring your b.’ as a celebration of your unique power. Your ‘b.’ could be anything you choose to share, your open sesame to this extraordinary adventure.

Our Code:
Respect diversity.
Be mindful.
Exercise freedom of expression wisely.
Zero tolerance for violence and harassment.
Enjoy responsibly.
Engage positively.
Be inclusive.
Respect venue rules.

Need help? Our awareness team is here.

About B.bahn:
B.bahn’s innate appetite stems from the profound collision of cultures our societies have encountered over the last decade. Given the exceptional circumstances, which always call for alternative paths, the resulting diversity will inevitably lead to distinct intersections after a while.
There, differences will fuse, frictions will be rounded, and values will emerge unscathed from the crucible of comparison, gliding gently on a smooth horizontal plane. Therefore, we distance ourselves from the race for top positions and trendy services, and invite you to accompany us in the exploration of alternatives, strolling along the side roads, and relishing the journey’s stops, even when reaching the destination seems elusive.

Have a b.